If the drive wheels should certainly lose traction what is the first technique to employ

    How are up to straighten it outDisengage the clutchGet off the ExceleratorActivate trailer brakes

    If you should drop a steer tire off the road and onto the shoulder, you should:
    Reduce speed, gain control, and carefully the back onto the roadWho hard to the left to regain The hard surfaceBreak immediatelyGet on the power

    Which statement represents the best technique to use when negotiating curves

    If you go into a curve too fast, you could always break to correct the hazardIf you cannot apply powers you to go shoot the curb, you have entered the curve too fastIf you feel centrifugal force pulling you to the outside of the curve get off the power and turned slightly to the inside of the curb X paragraph what is the proper reaction if it oncoming vehicle crosses the center lane or median and comes into your laneGet the vehicles moving to our right, turn left to avoid a collision.Always move to the right and apply controlled braking

    If a vehicle is tailgating you, a proper reaction would be to

    Ride the brakesSlow down or pull up at appropriate stopping placeSpeed upTap the trailer brakes
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