Rear-End Crashes

    What is the most accurate method to determine the proper following distance?
    Estimate one football field (approximately 300 feet)Keep a distance of at least two tractors/trailer truck lengths.Maintain a minimum of six seconds between you and the vehicle in front.

    Which statement would help maintain proper following distance in traffic conditions?
    Keep your speed at 2 to 3 mph below the speed of traffic flow.Stay at the speed of traffic flow.Travel slightly faster than the flow of traffic.

    Which statement best supports our professional driving standard of “be attentive to the road ahead/avoid distractions?
    Mirror checks should be made every five to eight seconds; 1 to 2 seconds per check is recommendedA six-second following distance does not give us time to be looking away from the road. Mirror checks should be quick glances (less than one second).Maintaining a six-second following distance gives us extra time to accommodate break distractions.

    Which statement most accurately support professional drivers definition of proper reaction when encouraging brake lights in the lane directly ahead

    If traffic I had to stop in in your lane, and the other adjacent lanes are still moving, check your mirrors. If the adjacent lane is clear signal and quickly move into the open lane.At the first sign of traffic stopping ahead in your lane, get off the power and brakes be prepared to stop if necessary

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