What is the approximate time it takes to load a tractor trailer to turn it completely clear of oncoming traffic lanes from a standing stopped position?

    4 to 6 seconds7 to 10 seconds15 to 20 second30 seconds or more

    Imagine you’re about to make the turn described in the previous question. As you look down the road, traffic is stopping the hill in the oncoming lane and approaching the path of travel you were about to take. The crest of the hill, will you first see the vehicles, seems to be less than a quarter of a mile away. Is there anyway to determine if you can make this turn without creating a hazard for oncoming traffic?

    Backing off a heavily traveled road to create a hazard. Blocking the road with the trailer is partially hazardous night. As a motorist approaches the tractor/trailer backing in at night, select the answer that best describes what the motorist may or may not see.

    The motor is can clearly see the trailer blocking the laneThe motorist can see both the tractor and trailer.The motorist can see the tractor headlamps, but cannot see the trailer blocking the lane.

    Of the following five selections, four are recommendations our value driven professional drivers give to help prevent under crashes when pulling off pulling out or backing in. Which one is NOT?

    Locate Alternative routes that do not present these hazardsWhen backing in at night get the police to provide warning for TrafficReport any run under hazardous locations to the safety department. They will work with local officials to correct these hazardsSometimes you don’t have any choice about creating a hazardNever block the travel lanes.

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